Right Where You Are Sitting Now

**Sorry for the delay in this episode, I (Ken) have had stomach flu. Now that's a Black Friday!**

This week: DMT Hysteria is Coming to a Suburb Near You, Neil deGrasse Tyson shows Superman where Krypton is, Kim's Oompahlievable, Martian Petrol Pumps, Occupy loses its sass, and those wacky Mormons.

Personnel –   Joe NolanNicholas PellKim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins[powerpress]


  • DMT Hysteria is Coming to a Suburb Near You - Link 
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson finds Krypton - Link
  • Oompahlievable - Link
  • Putting Mars to Work for Us - Link
  • Occupy Sandy - Link
  • You dont need to talk to Navy Seals to make an FPS - Link
  • LDS on LSD: Mormonism and Entheogens Link  Link


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