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In an Avengers style team-up, SittingNow is proud to it's rotten guts to be syndicating the new series of the The Viking Youth Power Hour. Now download this shit, and quit dreaming like a pussy!


 [powerpress] Hey everybody, guess what? The Vikings are back! We’re a little bit older, substantially fatter, though somehow we’re worlds smarter, much, much funnier and more prescient than ever before. So, in this, our inaugural show, we discuss that heavy potato… the Apocalypse, of the Mayan sort. Just a warning: this episode does get very technical as we discuss time travel and the finer points of the Mayan’s conception of precession. Without a college degree from an accredited state school, you may not be able to follow this high-minded horse shit.

And then, after we unpack the upcoming Galactic Convergence, we discuss all those tiny korean peckers in the dark heart of the Chicago suburbs.

Fuck you, pay us!

The Viking's are doing live shows, streaming video, chatting and all that good stuff. 

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