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deadalbatrossart I tried to find a more unwieldy title for this podcast but couldn't. As I appear to have said over and over again, I was recently asked to be one of the judges of a new music award as conceived of by Paul Ackroyd. If you want more info about it you can go and read the article. It was very difficult being restricted to 5 choices as there was so much great stuff so this is a way of expanding on those choices a little. Enjoy.



 Chris Watson – Winter

Lee Gamble – plos 97s

Ela Orleans – J’ai bien Du Chagrin

The Cyclist -  Visions

The Focus Group – Elektrik Karousel

Trus’Me – I Want You

Fairhorns – Ragnarok

Owiny Sigoma Band – Owiny Techno

Hacker Farm – Grinch

Poppy Ackroyd – Glass Sea

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1. Gastric Band - Sexy Grandad

2. Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards - Go Calligula, Go Go Go

3. Feverdream - The Story Of Joanna

3. Ageing Children - Mothership

4. Separation Device - Synaptic Inputs

5. Horse the Band - Taken by Vultures

6. Heartless - Cede

7. Vasia Bratchuk - Prelude No. 6

8. Suuns - 2020

9. Maruosa - Shit Power In A Showdown

10. Amenra - Boden

11. NAILS - Suum Cuique

12. Pombagira - Maleficia Lamiah If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here. Peace. ***Signal Ends***

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This week: Pussy Riot update, the slow television of Norway, Detroit bark city?, Matt Forney is a massive dick-bag, Dark Wallet and BitCoin: a good idea?, and a Canadian Astronaut snorts at Hollywood.

Personnel –   Joe NolanKim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins [powerpress] Links:

  • Pussy Riot Hunger Strike - Link
  • Norway does TV...wrong - Link
  • Investor to Create a Forest in Detroit - Link
  • Matt Forney - Modern Caveman - Link
  • Dark wallet - Link
  • Canadian Astronaut booted out of screening of Gravity for heckling - Link

Interludes: Dissolved, End, Messer Chups

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