Right Where You Are Sitting Now

This Week: Venereal nastiness, Hypersexual Reptillian Martians, Rise of the robots, Corpse brides, and Nazi Hex rituals...it's good to be back.

Crew: Lil Ray, Raymond Wiley, Roejen, and Ken Eakins


  • Bring me the head of ...ewwwww - Link
  • Who is Kyle Odom? - Link
  • The Robots Are Coming! Link
  • Example source for progressive propaganda in the current cycle. - Link
  • Tim Burton would be proud - Link
  • Germany: Kinda Rapey Link
  • Himmler’s Occult Stash - Link
  • Colorado are super-high Link
  • Kill Hitler with Black Magic! - Link


Musical Exit: YTCracker - Spacewalk

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