Right Where You Are Sitting Now

WE RETURN FROM THE DEAD AGAIN!! Sorry this has taken so long, but we've all been super super busy with the 9-5. Normal service will resume shortly.

This Week: Who hacked the TSA? Posture is for losers, Super horny robots, A new Roswell? And much more...

CrewLil RayRaymond Wiley, and Ken Eakins


  • The TSA hacked? - Link
  • Fuck Posture link
  • I’m stuck in a WWII hole! - Link
  • Touching Robots Makes You Randy Link
  • The new Roswell? - Link
  • Confederate “Heritage” Month - Link
  • Missing Wright Brothers Patent Found Link
  • The Devil Cometh to New York...eth - Link
  • Segre-GAY-tion - Link

Tune: øfdream - Thelema


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