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WE RETURN FROM THE DEAD AGAIN!! Sorry this has taken so long, but we've all been super super busy with the 9-5. Normal service will resume shortly.

This Week: Who hacked the TSA? Posture is for losers, Super horny robots, A new Roswell? And much more...

CrewLil RayRaymond Wiley, and Ken Eakins


  • The TSA hacked? - Link
  • Fuck Posture link
  • I’m stuck in a WWII hole! - Link
  • Touching Robots Makes You Randy Link
  • The new Roswell? - Link
  • Confederate “Heritage” Month - Link
  • Missing Wright Brothers Patent Found Link
  • The Devil Cometh to New York...eth - Link
  • Segre-GAY-tion - Link

Tune: øfdream - Thelema


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This Week: Venereal nastiness, Hypersexual Reptillian Martians, Rise of the robots, Corpse brides, and Nazi Hex rituals...it's good to be back.

Crew: Lil Ray, Raymond Wiley, Roejen, and Ken Eakins


  • Bring me the head of ...ewwwww - Link
  • Who is Kyle Odom? - Link
  • The Robots Are Coming! Link
  • Example source for progressive propaganda in the current cycle. - Link
  • Tim Burton would be proud - Link
  • Germany: Kinda Rapey Link
  • Himmler’s Occult Stash - Link
  • Colorado are super-high Link
  • Kill Hitler with Black Magic! - Link


Musical Exit: YTCracker - Spacewalk

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 This week: The American Revolution 2.0! But don't worry, after next week, the Brits are coming! Anyway, this week, Giant face-hugging sea-spider bastards, Star Wars gets panned by a kids cartoon, tin foil is the new black, and much more.

Personnel – Frater Isla, and Joe Nolan


  • Gigantic Sea Spiders Link
  • Star Wars Fail Link
  • Tin Foil Fashionista Link
  • AAS Tarot Cards  Link
  • Affluenza Teen  Link
  • Brion Gysin Link

Musak: Weezer - The British are coming

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This week: Get your dabs on, loads of film banter, predict your future with Dale Cooper, Ants are rad, killing Napoleon, the fake Jihad hotline, and much more. Personnel – Frater Isla, Joe Nolan, and Ken Eakins 


  • Shattering the po-po - Link
  • New Island In the Distant Japan! Link
  • Twin Peaks Tarot Link
  • Scientology perma-banned from Russia - Link
  • Ants Building Bridges Link
  • The Chemist Who Killed Napoleon Link
  • 1-800-Jihad - Link
  • Sci-Fi Trip Link
  • New LSD doc Link

Aafat - Bollywood Bloodbath

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Mutter01 Ted Heistman We join writer-artist Ted Heistman as he tells us about his adventure in the Appalachians, his theory on the reality (or unreality) of the ISIS threat, the Reichian view of fascism, and a whole lot more. Get your tin-foil mortarboards on. It's the inaugural episode!





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This week: Japan: The new breeding ground for hipsterism, Betting on anything here in the UK, Hitler was a damn junkie!, Alan Moore's depatronisation continues, You WILL Praise the J!, Satan's coming out party, and much more.

Personnel –  Frater Isla, Raymond WIley, and Ken Eakins


  • Fax Machines in the Distant Japan Link LR
  • Political bookies - Link RW
  • Hitler the Meth-head - Link - KE
  • Alan Moore: Historian Link LR
  • You WILL praise the LORD! - Link RW
  • Hail Satan! - Link KE
  • Pop Art Aunties Link LR
  • Scatalogical Warfare! Link RW
  • Magicus Fighticus - Link - KE


Tei Shi - Bassically

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This week: The Americans take over!, Samy's worm, Florida goats know how to party, Avril is Leavinge ... see what I did there, and much more...

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Raymond WIley 


  • Samy’s Worm Link
  • Our New Relative Link
  • Florida Party Goats Link
  • When I was a boy...Link
  • The Boner King of Cincinnati Turned Out to Be a Big Dick Link
  • Avril Replaced by Doppleganger Live


Die Antwoord - Baby's On Fire

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This week: Make your own comics you lazy ...., The stuff of nightmares, Philp K Dick: The barely tapped resource,  Animal magic, We'll never know what her log had to say, and much more.

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Ken Eakins 


  • Mark Millar Wants YOU to Make Comics! Link
  • Seriously...just no! - Link
  • Minority Report - film, television, reality Link
  • Live Migration Link
  • RIP Catherine ‘The Log Lady’ Coulson - Link
  • New Lou - Link
  • I TOLD You Little Girls Can Be Funny Link Link
  • YouTube Adfree subscription coming next month - Link
  • Californium is Full of Schlocky Dick Link

Choon: Kool Keith - 3000

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This week: After a much needed holiday, we return. Hunter S Thompson's crazy antics, Abduction is real!, Disney tracking, Yesus for President, the Internet Hate Machine is sold, and much more. 

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Ken Eakins


  • HST Mini-Doc Link
  • Hill’s Abduction Proven by Stars and Stats Link
  • Disney’s Mark of the Beast - Link
  • Kanye in 2020 (Kanye in 20/20) Link
  • 4 Chan Sold to Inspiration Link 
  • The Drugs don’t work, they just make you...dead - Link
  • Bring Tree-Sitting Back Link


Woodkid - Iron

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This week: The prophetic rhetoric of a dinner with Andre, Face-gratin'-fun, Killing Banksy dead with his own gun, interference from the Slender Man, Arm-ear-art, Punch dat Davinci, UK wrongness and loads more.

Personnel – Joe NolanFrater Isla, and Ken Eakins


  • Revisiting ‘My Dinner With Andre’ - Link
  • Death Metal Cheese Link
  • Everything that’s shit about Banksy in a themepark! - Link
  • The Return of Slender Man Link
  • Listen With Your Arm Link
  • Art Puncher! - Link
  • Eyes on Crime in the UK Link
  • Bungle in the Jungle Link 


DyMe-A-DuZin - Triple Darkness

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